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Tips to pay lower premium for your term life insurance

The premiums for life insurance policies are derived by taking into account various factors. You can control the factors that are within your ability to lower your premium.

1) Stop drinking and/ or smoking: These will negatively impact your health and thus increase mortality risk. So your premium increases.

2) Your occupation: Riskier jobs such as deep sea diving, firefighting, bomb demolition etc increase mortality risk. So you might pay a higher premium than if you are in a regular office job.

3) Tenure and value of policy: A longer policy tenure and the larger life cover policies will increase the premium.

4) Obesity: Since obesity often leads to a number of secondary diseases such as diabetes etc, your insurance premium increases.

5) Your health: Your health is a major factor determining your mortality risk and therefore your life insurance premium.

6) Premium payment mode: Your premium is likely to be less if you choose the single or annual payment options and online payment method.

7) Riders increase premium: Riders are additional benefits on policies which are bought for extra premium.