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Lesser known features of Health Insurance

Most health insurance plans have more than what is being utilized by the insured. It is always a good idea to do your research, consult an expert and read the policy document thoroughly before you buy your health insurance to know about all that is covered and not covered by the policy. There are so many features that most health insurance policies offer which are rarely known and used by the insured. Here are some of those less known features that might benefit you.

These benefits are the lesser known benefits which many people don’t take advantage of mainly because of lack of awareness. Some of these benefits have been discussed in an earlier article such as:

  • Restore Benefit

This is also called as convalescence benefit or recovery benefit and it refers to a lump-sum amount that is given to the insured, post-hospitalization.

  • Alternative Treatment

Many insurance companies provide coverage for alternative treatments taken in a government hospital or at an institute recognized by the Quality Council of India and the National Accreditation Board on Health. This includes Ayurveda, homeopathy, and yoga.

  • Domiciliary Treatment

When the insured person gets treatment at his/ her home with a doctor’s approval, it is called domiciliary treatment. Many health insurance policies now provide coverage even for such kind of treatments.

  • Attendant Allowance

This is the allowance that is given to the person who is taking care of the patient in the hospital. This makes up for his/ her personal needs such as food and refreshment.

Now let us see the other lesser known features of health insurance policies:

  • Lifelong Renewal

The usual upper limit on the entry age is 70-80 years. Though the renewal age is stretched a bit it still does not go beyond 90 years. The lifelong renewal option allows you to renew the health insurance policy so that you are covered under the plan even when you are 90 years old.

  • Medical Concierge Services

The concierge services include getting the details of medical specialists, getting appointments, making arrangements for bills and prescriptions and a host of other things. With a medical concierge service, you can save time and effort.

  • Reinstatement of the Sum Insured

When the fixed sum assured that the insured person can avail gets exhausted before the end of the policy term, then the insurance company usually leaves the insured at his/her own. The reinstatement feature top-ups the sum assured even if it is exhausted and so the insured person continues to get the financial support during hospitalization.

  • No Loading Charge

If there are no claims made then you get a bonus. However, if claims are made then you get loading charges on your premium during renewal. Some insurance companies have now come with a valuable benefit of “No Loading Charge”, even if you make a claim during the policy term.

  • Top-ups

A lot of changes both expected and unexpected happen in our lives. When good changes like getting married, having a baby, getting a bonus or a better job happens, you might feel like getting better health care coverage. However, it is not a great idea to buy a new health insurance plan as it is quite tedious and comparatively expensive. Instead, you can top up on your existing health plan and enjoy enhanced health coverage a lesser cost and most importantly no need to undergo the medical tests while buying a top-up.

With so many health insurance providers in the market, it is always a good idea to contact your agent to get the details of all the suitable plans and their pros and cons, before you make your decision to buy one.